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NH Meditech, PT.NHM Indonesia is a medical healthcare distribution company dedicated to improving the quality of life for modern people in the century. Through overseas infrastructure based in Korea (NH Meditech) and Indonesia (PT.NHM), we are engaged in various medical device-related businesses such as cardiaI, specialized artificial joints, and artificial bones, as well as domestic and overseas export sales. We will be a company that strives to realize everyone's health and happy life through the supply of innovative medical devices. Thank you.

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VISION – Convenience of your healthcare

Mission – Become most reliable Healthcare MRO Platforms

What we do

Let me introduce the products we distribute.

Provide products optimized for the joint structure of individual patients.

If pain control and normal function are difficult due to severe damage to the knee joint, the knee joint surface can be replaced to restore the original joint function, customized surgery can be performed according to the patient's needs, and it is an artificial joint designed for convenience and patient safety.

Synthetic bone grafting material of porous structure imitating human dense bone

An ideal bone replacement with an interconnected pore structure capable of internal bone formation with little volume reduction after implantation.

Self-Measurement and Analysis System Using Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Anytime, anywhere, AI reading displays the entire ECG measurement in 30 seconds, and you can quickly check the waveform of the heart to check for heart diseases such as arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, tachycardia, and bradycardia

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